Dr. Carlos N. Cámpora (Argentinia): Learning mind rubrics using examples of clinical cured cases in videoclips

Hahnemann devotes 6 paragraphs and 2 notes of the Organon to highlight how extraordinarily important mind symptoms are, when individualizing both patients and their illnesses, in order to select the most similar remedies. Later, the special value of mind symptoms was confirmed and emphasized by Boenninghausen, and specially by Kent. Paradoxically, however, it is exactly determining, understanding and interpreting these mind symptoms that create the greatest difficulties, mistakes and discrepancies, which occur among homeopathic physicians. It is therefore essential to have a Systematic Homeopathic
Semiology (SHS) to be able to resolve and correct these problems. The SHS is an integral part of Dr. Cámpora’s methodology: the Homeopathic Formula for the Diagnosis of the Simillimum, which enables physicians to understand and clarify patients’ expressions during the consultation, learning how to correctly and precisely translate them into rubrics of the repertory. Videoclips of cured mind symptoms are here presented in order to illustrate and explain the meaning of several repertorial rubrics, verifying some of the remedies in them.

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