Key Speakers

Baumgartner_Foto PD Dr. Stephan Baumgartner (Switzerland):
Are standard scientific laboratory methods able to investigate the effects of high homeopathic potencies?
Bündner_Original_ICE11 Dr. Martin Bündner (Germany):
Homoeopathic treatment and prophylaxis of urinary tract infections
Cámpora_Original_ICE12 Dr. Carlos N. Cámpora (Argentinia):
Learning mind rubrics from examples of clinical cured cases in videoclips
Prof Dr. Romeu Carillo Junior (Brazil)
The experience of thirty-three years of a homeopathy clinic in a large public hospital
dorsci_foto Dr. Mira Dorcsi-Ulrich (Germany):
Allergic diathesis in the practice of a homeopathic pediatrician
Dr. Reinhard Flick (Austria):
So-called placebo-symptoms in a homeopathic drug proving (HDP) – criteria of exclusion or inclusion? – a change of paradigm?
Frass 2014 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Frass (Austria):
Homeopathic treatment of septic patients
frei-heiner Dr. Heiner Frei (Switzerland):
1.  Asperger syndrome – a homeopathic challenge
2. Proposal for a new Way to teach Homeopathy
Maria Solange Gosik (Brazil):
Homeopathic treatment of autism on the children psychosocial care center
jahn_foto Dr. Stefanie Jahn (Germany):
Validity and significance of historical data as the example of Spanish Flu
Prof. Dr. Robert Jütte (Germany):
Medical pluralism – What history can tell us
Kienle_Foto Dr. Gunver Kienle (Germany):
The importance of case reports for modern medicine: Cognition-based medicine and case reporting guidelines
DSC_0372_Klinkenberg Dr. Carl Rudolf Klinkenberg (Germany):
Rediscovered: Hahnemann’s Life in Paris
Koch_ICE14_aus WebsiteDZVhÄ_Kongress2013 Dr. Ulrich Koch (Germany):
Contemporary homeopathic treatment of mental disorders in relation to actual conventional treatment
Klinikum der Universität München - Kinderklinik im Dr. v. Haunerschen Kinderspital. Dr. Kruse wendet Homöopathie in der Kinderheilkunde am Münchenr Uniklinikum an Dr. Sigrid Kruse (Germany):
1. Which role does homeopathy play in the project “Integrative Pediatrics” at three     children´s hospitals in Germany?
2. Homeopathy in children with Prader-Willi-Syndrome, a genetic disease
Dr. Christian Lucae (Germany):
Homeopathy and allergology – from the beginnings until today
Lutz_Foto Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jens Lutz (Germany):
Possibilities of slowingdown progression and management of chronic kidney diseases
Dr. Rajkumar Manchanda (India) :
Homoeopathy in epidemics: Building up evidence
Dr. Robert Mathie (United Kingdom):
Systematic review of randomised controlled trials of homeopathy
Pannek_Foto_7004460 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pannek (Switzerland):
Diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of urinary tract infections – the urologist`s perspective
Dr.Alok Pareek Dr. Alok Pareek (India):
Homoeopathic management of chronic renal failure across its different stages: Case studies
riveron_foto Dra. Msc. Mayra Riverón Garrote (Cuba):
Cuban experience in handling epidemics
Saine_Foto Dr. André Saine (Canada):
1. Case management and clinical outcome from the perspective of evidence-based     medicine of the homeopathic treatment of patients with pneumonia
2.  A brief overview of the extraordinary success of homeopathy in epidemics
Prof. Dr. Dr. Josef M. Schmidt (Germany):
Homeopathy between polyperspective prosperty and the threat of monistic reductionism
Schule_Foto Dr. med. dent. Roland Schule (Germany):
Signatur in the cavum oris – Symptoms leading to an integral medicine: clinical situation in context to well-known remedies
Spinedi_Foto Dr. Dario Spinedi (Switzerland) :
The homeopathic treatment of palliative-oncological emergencies as basis for the cooperation in allopathic hospitals



Frans Vermeulen  (USA)/Dr. Linda Johnston (USA):
Precision in prescribing
Vita Frans Vermeulen
Vita Linda Johnston


Dr. Claudia Wein (Germany):
Clinical Studies concerning homoeopathic treatments of epidemics
Wurster_Foto Dr. Jens Wurster (Switzerland):
20 years of experience in the treatment of advanced cancer stages in the Clinica St. Croce

Simultaneous translations German-English/English-German will be provided in the two main halls.

In 2017, the annual congress “International Exchange of Experiences – ICE 17” of the Scientific Society for Homeopathy (Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Homöopathie, WissHom) will be held as part of the 72nd LMHI Congress. More detailed information will follow.

Information about WissHom and the ICE is also available at the WissHom-website at > Congress ICE.


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