Dr. Heiner Frei (Switzerland): 1. Asperger syndrome – a homeopathic challenge 2. Proposal for a new Way to teach Homeopathy

Asperger syndrome – a homeopathic challenge

Asperger syndrome is an autistic developmental disorder: Since the patients are unable to recognize nonverbal signals in other persons, they
display a strange and awkward behaviour and tend, in addition, to stereotype activities and interests. The diagnosis needs an interdisciplinary approach of paediatrician, neurologist, remedial teacher and child psychiatrist. We examine the impact of homeopathic treatment on the syndrome, which as ADD/ADHD, is caused by disturbances of perception. The remedy determination is therefore very similar. Main branches of treatment in our clinic are homeopathical and remedial teaching.

Since mind symptoms have shown to be unreliable in these patients, we use Polarity Analysis of perception symptoms for remedy determination. The practical procedure is demonstrated in a case report, possible treatment results are outlined with a retrospective analysis of 5 patients.

4 children reacted efficiently to homeopathy, while one did not respond at all. The treatment reduced the Conners Global Index, an intensity score for patients with perception disorders, within 27 months in the whole group, from an average of 15 to 3 points.

Homeopathy can play a major role in the treatment of Asperger patients, allowing them an almost normal school- and family life.

Proposal for a new way to teach homeopathy

In recent years we observe a decrease in the number of homeopathic students. Some reasons for this are homeopathy related: Remedy determinations that are hard to reproduce make learning difficult. Students often need several years before treating their own patients.

The Swiss Association of Homeopathic Physicians (SAHP) has introduced in 2003 Polarity Analysis (PA) in its curriculum. PA is a further development of the Boenninghausen method which leads to rational and reproducible remedy determinations. It can be learned in a short time and enables students to treat an acute disease within months of his/her training. First basics are explained with case histories and outcome studies.

The SAHP-students are well capable of solving acute cases at the end of the first year of study. Physicians and medical students, who had contact with PA report in a broad survey, desired to introduce the method early in their training. The treatment of own patients increases the motivation considerably.

Polarity Analysis is well suited to promote homeopathy. It makes it easier for students to enter the training and to stay with it in the long run.

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